In Ceahlău village, toward the Northwest side of Ceahlău mountains, there is Durău ski resort, a magical glade surrounded by magnificent coniferous trees.

Located at an altitude of 800 m, 9 kilometers from Spring Lake Mountain (Lacul Izvorul Muntelui), the resort stands out by magical surrounding forests with rich fauna (Carpathian deer, brown bears, wild boars, chamois) and tonic stimulant bioclimate, being ideal for leisure, but also for the treatment of various medical conditions.

Frequented since the eighteenth century, the resort offers numerous tourist attractions:

• Botanical Reservation Polița cu Crini (Rack of Lillies);
• Geological Reservation Piatra Teiului (Stone Linden);
• Spring Lake Mountain Reservoir – Bicaz Lake (Lacul de acumulare Izvorul Muntelui – Lacul Bicaz);
• Durău Monastery ensemble: Buna Vestire (Annunciation) Church – painted by Nicolae Tonița, house of metropolitan Veniamin Costache, house of monk Varahil Moraru, priory, wooden bell tower and belfry wall (XIX century);
• St. Voievozi (Voivodes) wooden Church, Bistricioara (XVIII century);
• St. Ana hermitage ensemble, Ceahlău: wooden church and bell tower (XVIII – XIX);
• Former Hangu hermitage ensemble, Ceahlău: St. Spirit Descention Church, princes’ palace ruins, enclosure wall (XVII-XIX);
• Village Theater Ion Kalinderu, Bicaz (1908-1912, museum today);

Often represents the meeting point and departure of hikers who want to go through different trails, the main attractions being:

• Waterfall Duruitoarea (its name coming from the terrifying water torrents noise);
• Ocolașul Mare Peak (the highest peak in Ceahlău – 1907 m);
• Toaca Peak (2nd highest in Ceahlău – 1904 m and the location of the meteorological station with the same name);
• Monastery od Mount Ceahlău (the only building od its kind situated at an altitude of 1770 m);

Eager for adventure, passionate lover of sports or boating, Durău resort offers you a wide range of activities, while enjoying spectacular views.